Consulting & Interim Management

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Management Consulting and Interim Management

We bring not only a breadth of experience but the flexibility to address projects at multiple levels.   For example, we have significant practical experience with intellectual property in both business and litigation settings – to discern practical financial implications of complex legal relationships and work with patent counsel effectively.  Our experience includes work as basic as modeling, writing business plans and setting up financial functions and engagements as focused as decision support research and analysis on a proposed capital expenditure.  Or we can take a more direct role, e.g. negotiation assistance and advice in licensing or sale discussions; or provide support to manage internal efforts and outside counsel in litigation.  

We may be retained at the initiative of a lead investor, senior management or the Board of Directors. We can serve an interventionist role as interim CEO, CFO or a Chief Restructuring Officer in public or private company settings to stabilize deteriorating situations, preserve assets and salvage the potentially profitable and the saleable portions of a business.   

We seek impactful roles in difficult or distressed situations.  When inserted into a company by an investor or Board, we have the discretion to work with senior management and preserve key employee relationships AND we have the resolve to make and immediately act on fact based decisions.  For example, in a 60 day interim CFO engagement with new media/technology company we worked with line management and a part time interim CEO to improve planning and return credibility to the firm’s financial forecasting by restructuring business line performance metrics and cost allocation.  We did this and other CFO functions while redefining, negotiating and closing an urgently needed $5 million asset based credit facility.  

We also partner with other consulting organizations where appropriate, either providing interim management, consulting with them or playing a behind the scenes role.  We recently assisted a market strategy consulting group in forecasting the impact of the economic downturn on sales of a leading pharmaceutical product.